The materials and how the products are produced

Not just simply lip service

We thrieve to combine our business activities with the highest possible considerations for the environment, the materials used and the working conditions under which our products are manufactured.

If you want to have the appropriate functionality, sometimes you cannot avoid using plastics. Therefore, the upper material of our footmuffs consists of a so-called polyester membrane fabric. This membrane fabric does not require any further impregnation (e.g. nano coating etc.) and still offers, together with the zip covers, the highest possible wind protection and protection from rain, snow etc. However, the membrane still dissipates the moisture generated in the bag to the outside.

We have paid great attention to the thermal linings used. We have deliberately avoided the common lambskins. Quite simply: There is no virgin lamb wool, a lambslining consists of the skins of several small lambs. And, in order to get to them, you have to …..

In addition, lambskins – and their trivialised marketingname, calling them “medical fur” – are konwn to lint quickly and to develop an unpleasant odour when it gets in contact with moisture. All this has led us to use virgin sheep’s wool in order to avoid the above-mentioned disadvantages and spare the lives of a few lambs.

Production, packaging and delivery of the products is completely free of plastic materials. The footmuff is delivered in a beautiful bag which can also be used for other purposes such as using it as a gym bag for many years to come.

Our wool comes from mountain shepherds in the Carpathians who already suffer enough from the abundantly stupid political conditions there. Here the sheep from small subsistence farms stand almost the whole year on natural mountain pastures and the wool is still shorn here by the shepherds in old tradition.

The production of the footmuffs takes place by hand in small Ukrainian manufactories in the south of the country according to our specifications. In this region, which is plagued by high unemployment, it is the women who suffer the most from the bad conditions. We also want to make a conscious positive contribution, where we can monitor the quality, performance and observance of humane working conditions without having to travel halfway around the world.