Security Instructions

L’Atelier Alpine’s products are designed and manufactured to the highest safety standards.

As with everything related to babies and toddlers, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1.) If the child is in the footmuff, NEVER leave it unattended.

2.) Make sure that the child cannot slip too deeply into the bag. In the case of the “growing” footmuff, the length of the bag should always be adjusted to the size of the child, so that the child cannot slip too deeply into it.

3.) The head cap, which can be adjusted with a drawstring, should not be tightened too much. The sheepskin surrounding the head develops a very high thermal protection also with some distance. This is to ensure that the child always has enough air to breathe, even when turning his head. It is highly unlikely that the child could manage to turn completely around in the footmuff and thus be in respiratory distress. Nevertheless, it is important not to leave the child unattended (see No. 1).

4.) When moving from a cold environment to a heated environment (e.g. heated car, apartment, shop, office etc.) the bag should always be opened so far that the child cannot overheat. In order to keep the child comfortably warm in a cold environment, the footmuff has a high thermal performance and insulation which can lead to overheating of the child in a heated environment or in high direct sunlight.

5.) NEVER EVER leave a child unattended in the car…..

6.) If necessary, adjust your rear-view mirror so that you can always keep an eye on the child while driving. Today’s standard rear-view mirrors can be adjusted so that you can keep an eye on the child and the rear traffic at the same time.