Frequently asked questions

What materials do you use?

The Foot Muffs of L’Atelier Alpine have been developed with great care and many years of experience. We adhere to maximum standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility. We guarantee that no animals have been killed or trotured through the research and/or production process. Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment where we ensure that workers and labourers work in a human and legally controlled local environment.

Consequently, this also has led to our decision of using virgin wool instaead of lamby skin as a means of lining the foot muff. After all, lambskin ist the skin of a lamb with all known consequences (for the lamb)

Therefore, our foot muffs are lined wir virgin wool!

Virgin woll has several further advantages when compared with lambskin since it smell a lot less when it get’s wet and losses less hair.

The outer shell is made of a Nylonmembran which protects the child against wind and weather

How are the foot muffs being manufactured?

The production happens in small factories in the Southern part of the Ukraine where unemployment, especially among women is rampant. All workers are trained seamstresses and produce the foot muffs in manual needlework

Lamskin or Virgin wool?

Let’s be clear about this: Lambskin is just what it is. It is the skin of a lamb. On average one would need 4-5 skins for the production of one liner.  If this is no reason to start thinking, one should know that leather tanning continues to be a massive threat to the environment and residues will always be found in lamskins.

Lambskin – with all consideration to it’s smoothness – they do fuzz and loose quite a bit of hair. When it get’s wet, they tend to become smelly..

Our virgin wool on the other side comes from small sheep farmers in the Carphatian mountains who grow their herds in ancient traditions. Admittedly, the sheep will have a dire hair cut every once in a while but, it may continue to wander these beautiful mountainside.

This is active preservation of nature and at the same time we are helping others who need our help quite desperately.