Our values:

We thrive for maximum sustainability in everything we do. Additionally, we would like to contribute to improving environmental standards and contribute to a professional and friendly collaboration with people from other nations and belief.

Our products are being produced in small factories in the crisis-ridden country of Ukraine. Our efforts shall support local people in an area with extremely high unemployment, especially amongst working women.

We make sure that labour conditions are human and exceed the generally low local legal standards. We want to absolutely assure our buyers that none of our products are being manufactured through child labour or slave-like work conditions.

Consequently, we do not use lamb skins for the linings of our toddler bags. Our products are lined with sheep’s wool which is produced in a sustainable process. No animal will loose it’s young life or needs to suffer for our products. Only a small group of carefully selected farms are permitted to deliver their products to the production facilities. Even in production we completely avoid the usage of any plastic packaging. All delivering companies are obliged to adhere to our production philosophy.

Our Commitment:

With our company, we support international NGO organisations which are dedicated to eliminate or clean-up plastic materials from our oceans. Volunteers dive and remove ghostnets and other plastic residue from the bottom of the seas. We contribute a fixed amount of our profits to these organisations that free the oceans from these so-called ghost nets.